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 Tips For Making The Volleyball Team 
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Post Tips For Making The Volleyball Team
Tips For Making The Volleyball Team
by: Kerri Stalton

There are lots of girls out there, and maybe you are one of them, who are really good at volleyball and still can’t manage to make the team. A big part of the reason is that volleyball tryouts really aren’t that long. It’s hard to be able to tell in a few days whether or not someone really has the skill and drive involved to be good at volleyball, or any other sport. What you have to do, besides being good (because you do need to be good) is to get yourself noticed and to stand out in the crowd.

First, you need to start preparing months in advance. Yes, you need to do the usual and practice as much as you can long before tryouts start, but you should also make an effort to let the coach get to know you ahead of time. The better the coach knows you, the more likely she is to notice how good you are. The easiest way to do this is to attend camps they are teaching or working at. If they aren’t doing any camps, see if you can get involved in team fundraisers. That way, at least they’ll know your name and that you’re dedicated. If you can’t do either of these things, the least you can do is go well ahead of time (several months even) to ask the coach about tryouts. Ask when they are, what paperwork you will need, what skills they think you should know, and any other information you think you need to know. This way, you’ll not only be prepared and feel a little more confident going into tryouts, but you’ll also give the coach a chance to see your face, learn your name, and know you’re dedicated. Just don’t pester the coach or suck up; try to get yourself noticed in a positive light.

The second thing you need to do is to not just be good, be better. Being a great player doesn’t get you noticed if everyone else trying out is great too, you have to be fantastic. Sure, you are limited by your body in how good you can be, but you need to push it as far as it will go (safely, of course). Don’t slack off before tryouts. Practice and work out every day. If possible, get friends together and play when you can. Even better, join a local volleyball team or league (YMCA usually has teams). You can also research in addition to actually practicing. Read books and magazines and learn about what’s going on in the sport. Just remember not to slack off or let yourself go. And if your prospective coach isn’t running any volleyball camps, find some to go to anyways; you may learn some tips.

If you’ve followed the tips above, you’re well on your way to getting on the team, but there’s one last way to get yourself noticed at tryouts. Many players give it their all when they’re on the court, but once their done, they don’t continue to give it their all. That’s a big no-no. When you’re doing drills, push yourself harder, even if it’s stretching, give it your all. If there’s setting up or breaking down to be done, be the first to volunteer to help. Also, be sure to encourage others and help them if they ask. No matter how good one played is, if they can’t work in a team they really aren’t that useful. Be respectful to your coach an everyone else there. Being rude or copping an attitude (even if you think something is unfair) is the surest way to get cut. You also have to give it your all off the court in the classroom. If a coach is considering picking someone for the team, but her grades are borderline, they may reconsider. A coach doesn’t want to risk losing a player mid-season because their grades aren’t good enough.

If you followed all these tips, you’ve greatly helped your chances of getting on the team, but sometimes, you do your best and still won’t make it. The important thing is not to give up. Keep working on your game. Still offer to help with fund raisers and other events. Some high school teams have student managers. These are good ways to get yourself noticed for next years tryouts. Just remember to keep working on your game. If all else fails, there’s always those YMCA leagues, they can be just as competitive and a lot of fun.

Good luck at tryouts!

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