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 How To Choose A Self Defense Product 
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Post How To Choose A Self Defense Product
How To Choose A Self Defense Product
by: Rob Goyette

Let’s face it, martial arts and other physical self-defense courses aren’t for everybody. They can be time consuming and expensive for some – and others may not be able to handle the physical strain of them. It is quite a commitment to learn a self-defense discipline, and that is often a commitment that cannot be made by some.

That’s why there is an increase in the use of self-defense products by people. Whether it is carrying pepper spray on a key chain for convenience, or a taser in your purse for that ounce of protection, self-defense products are another way to protect yourself in the face of danger.

Sometimes, the mere sight of a person carrying a self-defense product is enough to scare even the most stout-hearted assailant from your path, and provide you with enough time to get away and ward off the attack.

Here are some of the most popular types of self-defense products on the market, and a brief description of their use:

• Tasers – these lightweight and compact items can be carried and concealed in a purse or inside jacket pocket. These self-defense products will immobilize your attacker by injecting a high voltage into them when you touch them with it. It’s common name ‘stun gun’ is used because it stuns your attacker when you strike them with the voltage. This weapon is commonly used by security professionals to subdue criminals, but it does not carry enough amperage to inflict serious or permanent injury.

• Pepper spray – this is one of the most common self-defense products on the market today. You can carry a small and concealed pepper sprayer on your key chain, in your pocket, or in your purse or jacket. It is used by spraying your attacker in the eyes, creating an intense burning pain in the eyes. The active ingredient in many pepper sprays is paprika powder, which is highly abrasive and causes severe water and burning in the eyes. It is just enough to give you a moment or two to subdue your attacker and make a quick escape.

• SAP Gloves – Sometimes you are forced to fight back against your attacker, so why not have a little bit behind your blows. SAP gloves are commonly used by law enforcement professionals when the need for physical defense is called upon. High tensile steel has been sown into the knuckles of these gloves for added power to punches. They will quickly subdue attackers when they are struck, giving you a way to get out of the situation quickly.

• Electronic alarms – If you sense the presence of an attacker, you can simply and easily enact the alarm to send out a high-pitched and extremely loud siren that will alert others to your situation. The last thing an assailant wants is to attract attention to themselves, and increasing their chance of being caught. These are compact items that will often get you out of a situation before it arrives upon the actual point of attack.

• Pen Knives – these are pens that conceal a small knife inside when they are broken apart. You can carry these self-defense products and not have anyone even know you are carrying them. However, they can be extremely effective in the case of an attack.

These are some of the most common self-defense products on the market. Used effectively, they can save your life, and prevent you from getting any serious injuries. The best defense is to be prepared, and having any one of these self-defense products is going to increase your chance to ward off and attack, and give you the much needed opportunity to escape unharmed.

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Rob Goyette

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Post Re: How To Choose A Self Defense Product
HI,I found your post really informative and I got a lot of information about the self defense, so I think the electronics products are the best for the home and self security because it's make you alert and your I would like to go with the electronics thanks

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Thu Sep 20, 2012 6:09 am
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