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 "5 Common Risks Associated With The Traditional Round..." 
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Post "5 Common Risks Associated With The Traditional Round..."
5 Common Risks Associated With The Traditional Round Trampoline
by: James Druman

If you've been thinking about buying a round trampoline for your home as a way to give your kids some great exercise while they are hanging around the house, there are some dangers that you need to educate yourself about so you can make the right purchase. What most parents don't realize is that more than one hundred thousand children find themselves in the hospital because of trampolines on an annual basis. While I'm not trying to frighten you out of buying something that is so great for your child's health, there are some important things to understand.

So let's go over five of the most common causes of injuries to keep in mind when looking at different designs and setting the right rules for your children.

1. Children Colliding

Perhaps the biggest factor in children getting injured on a trampoline is smacking into another jumper, causing head or limb injuries. The ironic factor is that this can be so easily avoided.

Not matter what the size of your trampoline, make it a rule that only one child (or adult) is allowed on at a time, and it becomes impossible for this to happen. Bigger trampolines are not meant to hold more people—they are meant to provide more fun.

2. Hard Landings That "Bottom Out"

Sometimes, when a jumper is a bit bigger and hits the trampoline after a high jump just the right way, the unstable surface of the trampoline will come down and hit the ground—which, of course, means the jumper's feet hit the ground as well. This can cause injuries easily because it is so unexpected.

Look for a trampoline design that places the surface well above the ground. Another thing to keep in mind is that there should be no way for other children or dogs to crawl underneath because it can pose big dangers as well.

3. Coming off the Trampoline

Jumping around on a trampoline of this size is never a stable, up-down type of action, and if there is nothing to stop them, children will eventually be propelled off. This can be dangerous because they can injure themselves on the ground or even collide with nearby obstacles, such as a fence, wall, or vehicle.

When shopping, look for a trampoline design that eliminates this problem using safety netting. The netting is a feature that encloses a round trampoline and keeps children from flying off.

Also, be sure to read the instruction manual for specification, which should tell you how much clearance is needed on all sides. Even with safety netting, proper clearance is a must.

4. Colliding With a Hard Frame

Don't forget about the metal poles that create a trampoline's frame either. While most traditional models have padding where you are likely to hit the frame, this padding is rarely that secure, especially over time, and may begin to shift until the metal is exposed.

Look for a design that has taken lengths to prevent this danger and ask the hard questions about all locations where metal poles are found—even those holding up the safety netting. It is a manufacturer's job to do all they can to create a safe product.

5. Pinched by Springs

Even a trampoline's springs can present an injury risk—springs of this size can easily pinch exposed skin and cause extremely painful injuries. The traditional round trampoline has a sleeve that covers springs as well, but this often comes loose. And even when it is secure, the padding is typically not thick enough to protect the jarring effect of hitting the hard springs underneath, so injury is still possible.

Find out how the company ensures their padded sleeve offers enough protection, or check out a spring-less model, which eliminates the dangers of the springs all together.

Trampolines are still a great purchase in my book—even walking or riding a bike comes with risks—but the health benefits involved are well worth the low risks involved. Just make sure you do your homework and find a trampoline design that keeps child safety in mind, establish some general rules, and have some fun!

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