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 "...When Considering The Size Of Trampoline To Buy" 
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Post "...When Considering The Size Of Trampoline To Buy"
Four Concepts To Keep In Mind When Considering The Size Of Trampoline To Buy
by: James Druman

Trampolines sure have changed since I was a little toddler running around behind my house, climbing trees, and driving my mom crazy. In fact, I don't even think I took them seriously as a "fun" activity, but look at the trampolines on the market today and it looks like something an expert gymnast could even get a kick out of.

Today's trampolines come in a variety of different sizes—almost all of which dwarf the tiny mini trampolines our parents bought in the past. These larger, springier surfaces create a great play area that becomes not just a way to have fun but to keep kids in amazing shape and prepare them for an athletic future.

If you're trying to figure out which size is the best for you, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. The Area You Can Spare

These big trampolines already take up a lot of space, but what most people don't think about is that you need a lot of clearance on all sides as well—you can't just put it any old place. One of the biggest dangers is a jumper being launched off into a fence, shed, or other object. A model that comes with safety netting is a great start, but even a 10ft trampoline needs 18ft of clearance.

2. Your Children

Take a good look at your children as well before deciding on what size they need. Of course, how big they are plays a huge role—if they are approaching their early teen years or are big for their size, you should settle for nothing less than the 10ft trampoline. Anything smaller may become dangerous after some heavy use.

You should also think about how active your children are—are they the type that always seem to be climbing up the walls? Active children may be much better off with a 13X13 square jumbo trampoline, which will allow them a lot more space to have their fun and even do acrobatic type stunts as they get more athletic.

3. The Amount of Bounce

This sort of pertains to the last guideline, but the size of your trampoline will also determine how much bounce it has—and that's something to keep in mind. The larger models tend to have the most bounce, which can be great for bigger kids, but for smaller kids without the balance, it can become difficult to move around and just walk across to get off. Inability to even stand can be frustrating and ruin the fun.

4. Bigger is Not an Excuse for a Jumping Party

What I mean is that you should avoid the tendency most people have to think that just because there seems to be room for five people that it's okay for five people to jump around at once. This dangerous misjudgment is responsible for many injuries every year, and it should be stressed that only one jumper is allowed at a time, no matter what the size.

As you can see, the decision about size is a little more complex than just deciding if the 8ft trampoline or the 10ft trampoline is more aesthetically pleasing or which fits your bank account. Take a look at all these important aspects, and find the one that makes the best, safest choice for your family.

About The Author
Safety should always come first when making decisions that involve your family! Check out the revolutionary spring-free trampoline design, available as an 8ft trampoline, 10ft trampoline, or even 13X13ft square trampoline at now!
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This article was posted by permission.

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