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 "Maximize Your Vertical Leap and Jump Higher than Your..." 
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Post "Maximize Your Vertical Leap and Jump Higher than Your..."
Maximize Your Vertical Leap and Jump Higher than Your Opponents
by: Jason Ryan

No matter the athletic exercise you participate in, an increased ability to jump higher is especially advantageous. This piece will show you ways and strategies on how to increase your vertical jump. Regardless of what variety of sport you are involved in, whether basketball, football, volleyball, or baseball, having a higher vertical leap will allow you pull off those big plays. A key point to remember is that anyone, irrespective of race, gender or age, can increase vertical jump. Everyone responds to a training program if carried out properly.

The important thing to remember is that you should work on your explosiveness and power if you want to successfully learn how to jump higher. It probably goes without saying, but if you want to get that improved power generation in your leg muscles, you really need to pay a visit to your local gym. There is no more effective exercise than the squat when it comes to building explosive power in your leg muscles, back muscles, abdominals, and even upper body. Exercises that work on bending and straightening the leg are also effective in bulking up your quadriceps. Just keep in mind you want to work out your hamstrings as well as your quadriceps to prevent potential injury.

Beef up your ab muscles. Your abdominals are the core foundation of your entire musculature, and a six pack will assist you in all power movements, allowing you to leap higher. Having stronger arms, as well as deltoids, actually helps you to maximize the height on each vertical leap. When you jump into the air, get a good arm swing to gain a little additional boost in your power generation and maximum height. In addition to working out, maximize your flexibility if you wish to make the most of your vertical jump. It's a little known fact that having increased flexibility in your muscles and joints offers you added power whilst jumping.

Getting sufficient rest between your workouts is the best way to maximize your jump training effectiveness. Working out too hard and too frequently will set back your progress, and may even cause you to lose gains. Training hard to increase your vertical leap will undoubtedly put a lot of strain on your nervous system. To mitigate this, be absolutely certain you get sufficient sleep to allow full recuperation after each workout. The elemental point is, do not undertake jump training too frequently. A maximum of two to three times per week should be sufficient.

To conclude, here are a number of tips and ways you can increase your hops significantly.

One great plyometric technique to improve your vertical in time-tested fashion is to utilize Box Jumps. By now, plyometrics have been proven effective. In this exercise, drop to the floor from the top of a stable object such a box, and instantly jump back on top of the object the moment you land. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Your calves need to be strengthened in order to be able to jump higher. One to three sets of fifty reps should be sufficient in order to build power in your calves. When you do calf raises, be sure to do the movement quickly and powerfully.

The jump rope is a time-tested exercise that will get you jumping higher in no time. Every time you swing the rope, bound into the air as high as you possibly can. Doing one set of one hundrd reps should be sufficient.

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Possessing an impressive vertical jump is a primary skill for a large number of sports. To find out more on the topic of increase vertical, go to

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