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 Best 3 Easy Workouts for Explosive Vertical Leaps 
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Post Best 3 Easy Workouts for Explosive Vertical Leaps
Best 3 Easy Workouts for Explosive Vertical Leaps
by: Greg Baxter

Appreciating and applying these classic and proven training exercises in conjunction with the leading techniques will aid you to develop your vertical jump measurably. These training exercises are also known to typically improve physical fitness and improve jumping ability and height. Please be of a mind though that everyone is different, is starting from an alternative datum so be sagacious. If you are suffering from any sort of problems, or you feel any sort of pain or tenderness during any of the training exercises, then stop, and obtain pro help or assess things with your physician.

Here is the 3 Top exercisesI believe to allow the finest bang for your buck with regards to increasing your vertical jump. Don't forget that there are a multitude training exercises available that will work, but in the training economy you want to pick the training exercises that will give you the top results in the least quantity of time. These training exercises accomplish this aim. These are the finest exercises we have experimented with to get our students to jump jump in minimum time.

1) Box Squats with bands ? I like box squats because I feel they teach the student to ?sit back? while squatting, which further recruits the all-important hamstrings. Your hamstrings must be very strong if you wish to run fast or jump high. I also like the fact that I can set the depth of the squat which avoids cheating, especially when students start to tire and the squats tend to get higher. I would use a squat anywhere from 6 inch off of the ground to 1 inch above parallel, depending on the objective. I also like the fact that box squatting promotes 'static overcome by dynamic strength'. This type of strength is important in many athletic movements

2) Split Squats. More old school. Basically this is a single leg squat, with the non-working leg elevated on a bench behind you. Perform this exercise by holding a dumbell in each hand, descend until the back knee touches the floor and then explode back up to the start position. This exercise will crush the glutes and VMO (the quadriceps muscle on the inside of your knee) of the front leg, while stretching the hip flexor of the back leg. This works because of the importance of flexible hip flexors in terms of jumping ability. This exercise promotes both strength AND flexibility in the specific muscles used in jumping. Also, because it is a unilateral movement, it helps to correct muscular imbalances that may exist in the athlete?s legs.

3) Weighted Abdominal Work. Your core strength is the critical link from your lower to upper body and is responsible for the transference of force from your lower to upper body. Let's face it, your arms and legs can be really strong but if you have jelly in the middle you will never really benefit from your limb strength. The vertical jump is one of the ultimate examples of needing excellent core strength. Don?t hinder your progress by only training your arms and legs. Work the abdominals hard as well. Weighted crunches on a Swiss ball, standing rotational work using high and low cables and medicine ball training works really well.

These Drills to boost your vertical leap may be the absent link in that massive leap!

About The Author
Greg Baxter is a sports workout and strength coach.

His training exercise programs, tips and advice on exercise to increase vertical jump can be found at Increase My Vertical Jump - Check Out This Free Video on Jumping Technique

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