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 Heavy Boxing Bag Training 
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Post Heavy Boxing Bag Training
Heavy Boxing Bag Training
by: Al Dawson

Heavy Boxing bag training is great for increasing your punching strength, one really needs to focus on accuracy and form before power to make sure you do not pick up any bad habits that will stop you from ever reaching your fullest capability.

As always before starting any new workout regime consult your doctor to make sure you are fit enough o participate.

Before any workout you should take the time to warm up properly. I personally prefer the stationary cycle or jumping rope to get my heart rate up and my body warm and loose, some people suggest stretching before a workout however recent research has proven that its probably best to stretch after you have completed a workout to prevent injuries.

The great thing about warming up with a jump rope , not only does it warm you up, improve your leg work but it also gets your rotor cuffs loosened up at the same time which is very important.

Always wear gloves when hitting a heavy bag and use hand wraps , I have probably thrown a million punches over the years and I can feel it in my hands , 18oz or 20 oz gloves are best IMHO.

Its essential to keep in mind to always work the bag don’t let the bag work you, so many times I have seen newbie’s chase the bag around as opposed to controlling the bag with your punches. You should be able to stop the bag with just one punch.

Here are some things to remember when punching:

1) Always hit with the flat part of the fist. In other words, no knuckles, otherwise you can easily break your hand. If you have any kind of punching power, this is important.

2) Always keep your wrist straight. If you bend your wrist while punching either the bag or your adversary, you can easily sprain or break your wrist. I found this out the hard way when I was first learning how to box.

3) Always have your knees slightly bent. You'll have better balance and be able to absorb or get out of the way of punches easier.

4) If you're conventional (right-handed), always keep your left foot forward. If you're a southpaw, it's the right foot leading.

5) Get every ounce of your body weight behind each punch and learn the art of leverage. This separates the knockout punchers from the feather fisted. The average guy on the street throws arm punches with no weight behind it. If you throw a straight right hand (right cross) at someone, step into the punch with the right side of your body (but do not cross your feet), even if you only move your right foot a few inches.

6) When throwing power punches, always punch THROUGH your target. Don't just strike or hit your target, punch right through it. The follow-through usually can determine whether your opponent is still standing or left lying in a supine position after landing your Sunday punch.

7) As fast as you throw your punches, bring your hands back equally as fast, even when just punching the bag. Don't leave your punches out there or you will get countered.

To punch properly and with authority, you must first learn the proper techniques and then practice, practice, and practice.

Avoid over exerting yourself which is easy to do in heavy boxing bag workouts, stick to short rounds just as fighters do in professional matches, heavy boxing bag workouts are a great cardiovascular workout but its easy to over do it, drinking plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated between drills.

Cross train to improve your lower body strength and balance which is essential for a great heavy boxing bag workout. Jumping rope, cycling and jogging really help build up your leg power and improve your footwork which is crucial boxing.

About The Author
Al Dawson is a 25 year + keep fit fanatic and runs the company :

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This article was posted by permission.

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