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 Choose Best Vinyl Music with White Label Dance Promos. 
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Post Choose Best Vinyl Music with White Label Dance Promos.
Choose Best Vinyl Music with White Label Dance Promos.
by: Ohnoerino Kamal

If you're anything like me, you like music... lots of it. If you're like me you are a pack rat. A bad combination, because now you're collecting lots of vinyl music. And you're collecting CDs too, let’s not forget those. CDs play and store better than our dusty collection of vinyl music, we use them regularly.

Now you must ask yourself... When was the last time you played one of your vinyl music? Do you have a turntable/record player? How many times have you moved since the last time you played one of your records? You might realize that you don't play them anymore.

An analog format such as vinyl music are said to be more accurate to the source of the music than digital formats, which convert the music into a digital format, before being converted back to analog for reproduction.

Vinyl music provides a richer, warm tone than digital formats. The reason for this better tone is because the grooves on records provide more musical data to your amplifier. When the stylus (needle) fits into the groove of the record, it vibrates in such a way that is reminiscent of the sound waves present when the artists performed the song. When amplified, you get a reproduction of the original performance.

When the musical data is converted into a digital format, there are various "resolutions". To use photos as an example, it would be the difference between a 100x100 pixel picture, and a 1000x1000 pixel picture. For CDs, it is 16-bit. Then, there is a sample rate, which is how often these photos are taken. For CDs, they happen 44,100 times per second. For SACDs, an amazing 2,000,000+ samples per second. You can see how the more advanced digital formats would sound better than CDs, which is how most people listen to digital music.

In the case of digital formats like MP3 and AAC, some of the higher frequencies get pulled out to save space, in addition, these formats are taken from a CD, and compressed, so they could never approach the sound quality of a CD. I expect digital music formats to continue to gain in popularity, and I also expect even better formats to come out, with new digital format re-masters, which could sound much better than a CD, have more customization options, and of course, undisputed portability. Are you listening, record companies?

Now the question arise that how specifically vinyl sounds better?

Vinyl seems to reproduce the higher frequencies much better. On digital, high frequencies (voices, cymbals, drums, etc.) sound thinner, harsher, "swishy", and simply not as good. On vinyl, these high frequencies sound more natural, less harsh, and more "real". Also, very small high-pitched nuances shine through better, like for example when a bass player plucks a string.

Bass seems to sound fuller on vinyl music as well. It sounds thicker, richer, more natural, more nuanced. It's nice. When listening to bass on vinyl, you'll know why so many DJs still use vinyl music to this day. On digital, bass seems to be muddier, has less impact.

It's true that vinyl music does have some weaknesses, such as pops and hiss, but these are eliminated if the record is clean. The pops and hiss also add a nostalgic charm to the sound of the music. Some artists, especially hip hop, have incorporated this sound into their music.

If you love the sound of music, and want to hear something that has a better sound than CDs and MP3s, you should give vinyl a listen. Once you hear it, you'll become a fan too!

If you're like me, you are ready to part with most of this vinyl music. There is no way you or I will part with all of them. Some are just too sentimental and will remain with me, and with any luck the vinyl records can be passed on to my children. I hope to pass on a turntable or two, so that they can play the old vinyl music.

White label Dance Promos records are vinyl music with adhesive plain white labels affixed. Test pressings, usually with Test Pressing written on the label, with catalogue number, artist and recording time or date, are produced in small quantities (usually fewer than 5 copies) to evaluate the quality of the disc production. Plain White Label Dance Promos were produced in larger quantities by bigger record labels, often containing a biography of the band, to distribute as demonstration discs ("demos") to vinyl music distributors, and radio stations in order to assess consumer opinion.

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There are takes for every kind of White Label Dance Promos and Vinyl Music. Find the one which suits your needs and budget.

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This article was posted by permission.

Fri Nov 26, 2010 11:28 am
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