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 Archery - The History of Archery 
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Post Archery - The History of Archery
Archery - The History of Archery
by: Grady McGraw

Archery is an ancient art form that has been used since prehistoric times. Arrowheads can be traced back to Africa 25,000 BC, but there is speculation that Africans may have invented bows and arrows as early as 50,000 BC. Instead of wood, horn, bone, sinew, or gut was used in conjunction with wood. Between 25,000 and 18,000 BC fire hardened and flint tipped arrow points and feathered arrows appeared. It can be assumed that prehistoric man used bow and arrows to safely hunt for food. During this time there were no guns so they could not shot their prey. Throwing rocks or trapping prey was not very safe or effective, and close range combat with large animals was dangerous. By using a bow and arrow, prehistoric man could effectively and safely stalk their pray.

Prehistoric men and women weren't the only ones who benefited from archery. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks also practiced the ancient art form. The first bows ancient Egyptians used were fashioned from antelope horns with wood in the middle, but Egyptians soon switched from horns to wood. In addition to changing the materials used to make the bows, Egyptians also changed the design. Back then archers used bow and arrows to hunt and as weapon for soldiers fighting on the front lines with chariots. As for the Greeks, bows and arrows were used by foot soldiers in warfare.

During the Middle Ages, archery was primarily used during warfare. During this time, bows and arrows were used in almost every battle. This led unarmed soldiers to wear silk shirts during the Crusades. This was done to prevent tearing when pierced by an arrow. This allowed the arrows to be easily removed from the shirt and minimized serious wounds and infections. As time progressed, wooden bows became longer to better fit the needs of soldiers. As the 15th century came, the use of bows and arrows began to decrease due to the lack of materials available to make them. The use of bows and arrows came to a staggering halt with the invention of the gun.

Archery is a proud and ancient art form that should not be forgotten. Although the gun has replaced the use of bows and arrows in warfare, many people still use bow and arrows to hunt. Believe it or not, over a million people still practice archery today. Some people use bow and arrows hunt. Others enter tournaments while others just do it for fun. No matter what reason people practice the sport, it is great they are keeping alive a longstanding human tradition.

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