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 The Art Of Being An Airsoft Sniper Part II 
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Post The Art Of Being An Airsoft Sniper Part II
The Art Of Being An Airsoft Sniper Part II
by: PJ Ace

As the sport of Airsoft continues its meteoric rise in worldwide popularity, Airsoft war games called “Skirmishes” are emerging on sophisticated replica battlefields in many venues as well. Veteran Airsoft warriors as well as beginners don their camouflage battle suits and Airsoft guns and head for the battle sight as military role-players in an imaginary war. No one role-player has captured the interest of Airsoft players more than the venerable Airsoft sniper. Though many players ascribe to be a sniper, few have mastered the needed skills to become a “Super Sniper”.

Once the player desiring to be a sniper has wisely chosen the proper equipment, it is then encumbered upon him to master the simple tips and techniques needed to become a deadly sharpshooter. The veteran sniper has come to understand the capability of his Airsoft sniper rifle through regular firing practice. He has become extremely familiar with his guns unique shots and its accuracy at various distances. Constant practice keeps the sniper’s instincts sharp and ready for quick wartime responses.

Much like real soldiers, the smart sniper keeps his equipment in tiptop shape in order to gain an edge on the enemy. A soiled and dirty rifle will affect its accuracy and overall performance. Regular cleaning of the Airsoft sniper rifle is a must, along with any other weapons he carries. Buy a proven Airsoft gun cleaner such as a silicone spray and use it every 2000 to 5000 shots.

Though often alone in hidden hideouts, the sniper must be ready for close range firefights. In close quarter skirmishes, the lengthy Airsoft sniper rifle designed for long range shooting is awkward in its maneuverability. The “Super Sniper” prepares for this close battle by carrying a sidearm such as a pistol or an automatic electric weapon. A holster or a back strap for this sidearm is critical along with extra ammo magazines.

With dedicated care and familiarity with his weapon, the sniper must now learn perhaps the most important steps to his success - proper stealth techniques. The sniper must first study his environment. The terrain, trees, and bushes can become allies of war. These natural elements should be viewed as potential hiding places or fallback points. When entering the battle zone, the sniper should move carefully, slow and preferably low to the ground, in order not to be detected by the enemy.

When moving through the field, the sniper must watch his step. Twigs and leaves snap and make a crunching sound when stepped upon which can expose his coveted secret position. The silent warrior looks for hard surfaces such as rocks or packed dirt to step on. The sniper must not be afraid to get dirty. Often he must crawl on his belly through mud and dirt to achieve the best hidden position. Sometimes crouching beneath low hanging tree limbs with plenty of dusty leaves is the optimal hideout.

The wise sniper always has an escape route. This prevents him from being encircled and trapped by the enemy. When on a deep strike mission to pick off an enemy commander behind their lines, always know your way out. The enemy most likely will hear your shot and try to track you down. Often the seasoned sniper will employ along side of him another player to be his “spotter”. The spotter helps in searching for enemy targets and to protect the sniper in a firefight.

With the right equipment and good stealth techniques, the Airsoft warrior who desires to be a sniper cannot not only be effective, he can be well on his way to being a “Super Sniper”!

About The Author
PJ Ace is a writer and administrator for Flynt Airsoft & Paintball a site that specializes in Airsoft and Paintball. For more information on the latest product or news concerning Airsoft and Paintball visit us at

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This article was posted by permission.

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