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 Texas Holdem Beginners Course 
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Post Texas Holdem Beginners Course
Texas Holdem Beginners Course
by: Kelsi Guidry

This beginners course was created to teach the basics of texas hold'em, and will be concentrated more on no-limit hold'em. The main goal is to introduce this very popular game to new players in order to get them comfortable playing texas hold'em.

Learning hold'em is quite easy and conceptually simple although the overall game is complex. Playing texas hold'em requires a great deal of skill and knowledge, and is not based on the cards alone.

After finishing this course you will not be an expert, but will posses enough information to hold your own ground in low-limit games , and begin practicing at one of the many online poker rooms.

Texas hold'em starting basics

Typically the game is played with eight to ten players to a table. One person is determined the dealer or also known as the "button". The two people to the left of the dealer are going to put their blind bets in the pot. Blinds are the starting pot builder. The blinds will be announced before the round begins. The first person after the dealer, or the "small blind" puts in X amount then the second person, the "big blind" adds double that amount. The dealer or a designated dealer is going to deal out one card to each player in a clockwise fashion starting to his left. Another one card round will be delt. These two cards are known as your "pocket". Your pocket cards will be combined with 5 community cards that will be delt on the table. Each player uses his pocket cards along with the community cards to make his strongest 5 card poker hand.

A round of betting will begin with the person to the left of the big blind and continue around the table. Each player has the right to "fold" (throw in his cards), "call" (match the big blind or bet), or raise (match blind or bet, then add at least the amount of the big blind or bet). The dealer will then lay one card face down or "burn" a card, he will then deal 3 cards face up known as the "flop". Another round of betting will start off on the player to the left of the dealer. Here a player can skip on his bet and pass to the next person by calling "check". Each person can check, fold, or bet (at least the big blind) if no one has yet entered the pot. Once someone has entered the pot a player can then fold, call, or raise.

The dealer will now "burn" another card and deal one card face up. This card is known as the "turn". Another round of betting will follow.

The dealer will then "burn" one last card and deal one more card face up for what is known as the "river". Another round of betting will follow and who ever is still in the round of play will compare their combined 5 card hand and the highest hand wins.

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