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 Understanding And Treating Fire And Burn Injuries 
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Post Understanding And Treating Fire And Burn Injuries
by: Mark Dacanay

Fire and burn injuries are one of the most painful and damaging experiences an individual can have. Depending on the degree and severity of the burn injury, it could even be considered a catastrophic injury in the level of paralysis and amputations.

In Los Angeles, fire and burn injuries are common because of the climate. California is even famous for its wildfires which have become a bane for the local firefighters.

According to studies, there are about 2.4 million burn injuries every year. Out of those numbers, about 650,000 are treated by doctors and other medical professionals and 75,000 had to be hospitalized which includes about 20,000 victims with severe burns that cover more than 25% of the body.

From that 20,000, about 12,000 will die from the injuries with 1 million other victims will have permanent disabilities.

Treating and managing fire and burn injuries

Treatment and management of fire and burn injuries depends on its severity. The severity of the burn can be judged by the patient’s age, the burn depth and the size and location of the burn injury.

• Age – Old and very young patients fatalities are higher than other demographics.

• Burn Depth – This is determined by the amount of skin damaged or destroyed.

o Superficial burn – Affects only the epidermal or first layer of skin.

o Partial thickness burn – Affects the epidermal and some area in the inner dermis.

o Full thickness burn – Both of the layers are damaged or destroyed.

o Sub-dermal burn – Both layers are destroyed and damage extends to the muscles, tendons, tissues, fats and bones.

• Burn size – The size of a burn injury is measured by the Rule of Nine. It divides the body segments into areas of 9%. An example would be a burn to an entire leg is given a 9% size.

• Location Of Burn – The location of the injury may also affect treatment as it could affect other body functions. An example would be a burn to the face that may affect the patient’s breathing.

The most important factor among the list above is the depth of the fire and burn injury. It will dictate what can or cannot be done during treatment.

• Superficial burns like sunburns usually only need some moisturizing cream. These injuries heal themselves within a week and should not cause any visible marks or damage after.

• Partial thickness burns are divided again to two categories. They are:

o Superficial partial thickness burns – These burns usually leak plasma and forms large blister. It is extremely painful as the nerve endings are exposed. It would take a couple of weeks for it to heal. Treatment includes removal of blisters because it may be a source of infection.

o Deep partial thickness burns – This may take months to heal as it is more prone to infection. The wound will appear white and dry and blood flow is often compromised. What separates this from full thickness burns is the sensation of touch. Treatment includes taking topical antibiotics and sometimes excision and skin grafting.

• The treatment for full thickness burns is about the same for deep partial thickness burns. The only difference is that these burns are painless as nerves are already destroyed.

• Sub-dermal burns cause so much damage that it usually leads to amputations.

In Los Angeles, fire and burn injury victims can seek help from a personal injury lawyer if the harm they sustained were due to a negligent act by another person.

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