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 Who's World Is It? The World Is Yours - Invite Success 
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Post Who's World Is It? The World Is Yours - Invite Success
Who's World Is It? The World Is Yours - Invite Success
by Eric Devone

Who's World Is It? It's Your World. Invite Success

Who's World Is It?

Who's world really is it? Is it a man's world? There is a song by James Brown. "This is a mans world" is the chorus. Is this world the wealthy mans world? Those who have the money, have the control, a lot of people will say. Is it the white mans world? many people over the years have used this crippling concept, neutralizing their own ability of visualizing an outlook for themselves.

Life has no boundaries. The sky is the limit as far as what we can obtain in all aspects of what we choose to see. The vision of the world is of no monopoly to anyone or anything.

The World Is For Whoever

The world is yours. mines. His. Hers. The world is for whoever. Those who challenge themselves enough to realize its rewards for them self. The world is simply a visual and mental picture of all things that make up your reality. If we do not see it, then for us it does not exist for us. How can it? This article did not exist for you until you brought it into your reality by acknowledging it.

Stare at a piece of paper intensely for a minute, while telling yourself throughout the whole time that it is not a piece of paper, but rather a sheet of tin metal. In your world, this is what that piece of paper will become, and how can that not be the case, if that's what you believe. This is your world.

Our Visions Form Our Reality

All things are first inspired through a visual picture. The music that you hear and listen to was arranged and inspired by the artist's picture of a reality that is personal to them. They attempt to give you pieces, through their music.

The designs of the vehicles which you see and drive are inspired by the engineers perception of what he believes people, whom he's never met, will like enough to go out and purchase it.

We scope out our relationships based on our perceptions of compatibility between the two persons involved. We draw up our goals according to a destination which we first only visually see, before making it a reality through achieving it.

We Shape And Mold Our World

We shape and mold our world according to how we view the circumstances which makes up our reality. This is why you will never be able to fully explain the extent of your view of your world. Our view is personal and formed specific to our likeness. Each of us have our own individual circumstances that conform our view accordingly, and no two views are the same. Same as no two people look exactly alike.

Invite Success

Think Positive

Through our perceptions is how we invite success into our lives. Our lives are shaped by how we view its reality. We hold the ability to manage our thoughts, envisioning positive things as well as negative things.

Just because something is negative for someone else, does not mean it has to be negative for you. We all individually hold control over our belief in this position, where we will decipher circumstances consistent with our personality.

A person who thinks positive, is more likely to retrieve positive from a situation that most people will see as only being a bad situation. Just as a negative thinking person will see it undoubtedly as bad, with no chance of anything positive.

All things first take place by way of your vision of mind. Then transformed into a reality, consistent with your thoughts. This is why the traits of your personality which form your perceptions are so important.

Nothing happens until we first perceive it as being. In the light, positive or negative, of how we perceive it is how we then direct it toward the reality we want it to be.

Envision It To Form Its Reality

Just as in the case of reaching success building wealth. If we do not first see it, then it is not likely to happen for us. When we believe it enough to see it for ourselves, we then naturally place ourselves in positions to realize and accept that reality.

Empower yourself and develop and conform your world, filled with the circumstances you want. Take control of your world and build its fortune, first by way of your perceptions, to then bringing them forth into reality.

"Who's World Is It? The World Is Yours. Invite Success"

The author Eric Devone. His intentions through all of his writings are to encourage individuals to empower themselves and take hold of the reality of destiny. Grasp the presence of prosperity, the substances of success, first establishing within yourself environments which will admit such fortunes. To find out more, visit his site at

Empower yourself and achieve the levels of success you most desire.

© 2005 all rights reserved

This article is reprinted with permission from

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