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 A Look At How Spyware Differs From Viruses And Worms 
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Post A Look At How Spyware Differs From Viruses And Worms
A Look At How Spyware Differs From Viruses And Worms
by: Gray Rollins

If you’ve been noticing a decrease in your computer’s performance – if it’s running sluggishly or even crashing, it may very well be infected with either Spyware, a virus, worms or all of the above. You have to be really careful when downloading things off the internet as well as opening emails from people you don’t know because those are the main sources of these infiltrators. And in case you didn’t know, even an email attachment from someone you do know could contain a virus.

And even though each of these types of pests are harmful to your computer in their own ‘special’ way, there are differences among them. So to assist yourself in keeping your computer ‘healthy’, you should be aware of what they are and what they do so you can fix and/or prevent the malfunctions that result when they exist in your PC’s system.


Spyware is most often times downloaded onto your computer along with other downloads that you actually intended on retrieving – mostly from Freeware sites. It is very sneaky and hides itself within your PC, running invisibly in the background of the operating system. Spyware tracks every action you make on your keyboard, follows you around the internet and records everything you do in order to send the information back to the program’s creator. Some Spyware even has the ability to scan documents saved on your computer as well. Advertisers are the guiltiest of Spyware generators which is one of the reasons bulk and junk emails are running amok. And the information gathered by the Spyware program can actually inhibit your life off the computer as well. Some of the originators of various Spyware use these programs to help them steal your personal information and identity.


Viruses are also hidden entities in your computer’s operating system, but unlike Spyware, have to be executed in order to do their thing. Just like in humans, viruses are transferred from one computer to another. They are actually code that is written into programs that once clicked on and opened, spread like wildfire throughout your PC’s system. They are enormously dangerous and can actually destroy your entire operating system, wiping out all of your programs, erasing your files and infiltrating your address books.


Worms are software programs that work independently to annoy you and destroy your files, in addition to making your computer run abundantly slow. They spread themselves though network connections but unlike viruses, don’t need to be executed to launch. However, they are just as efficient at damaging your files and programs as a virus is.

Protection is Power

DO NOT EVER open emails that come from a name you do not recognize or have some ‘funky’ wording in the subject line, and furthermore, NEVER click on or download attachments from them either. Ensure the protection of your computer as well as your identity by utilizing Anti-Spyware in addition to Anti-Virus software. Just about every single operating system sold today comes equipped with some form of these programs already built in and they’re there for a reason. So make sure you keep your firewall up, run the protection software while you’re on the computer and scan your system regularly.

About The Author

Gray Rollins is a featured writer for - if you want the best spyware protection available, then be sure to stop by and download the best program for free.

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This article was posted by permission.

Wed Aug 01, 2007 7:57 pm
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