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 How to Adjust Feng Shui for the Classroom 
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Post How to Adjust Feng Shui for the Classroom
by: Jakob Jelling

Feng shui for the classroom can help students achieve more and help teachers feel more comfortable.

Students and teachers spend numerous hours in classrooms, so it’s essential to improve them - the positive energy needs to be promoted, while the negative energy needs to be curtailed in these rooms.

The most significant factors for classrooms are light, air, color, and sound. Let’s review how each one of them may affect the students and teachers, and what can be done about it.

Light: Today, fluorescent lighting is everywhere, including classrooms. Fluorescent light is advantageous for only one reason - its economic factor.

The light output of a fluorescent bulb is several times greater than that of an incandescent bulb (Edison light bulb) of similar power. The service life of fluorescent bulbs can be 20 times the life of incandescent ones. However, fluorescent lights have two major disadvantages: general health and mental abilities.

Those subjected to spend numerous hours in rooms lit by fluorescent light, can develop or experience dermatitis, seizure disorders, bipolar swings, weakness, numbness, fatigue, headaches, and a decreased learning ability.

Feng shui for the classroom suggests using regular incandescent bulbs wherever possible, to increase the learning and concentration abilities in children, as well as help their general state.

Air: This is another factor of great importance for the overall wellbeing of students and teachers. Air is something that we cannot live without, and lack of air will cause us to have various issues.

“Feng shui” translates as “wind water” – the wind (air) and water in feng shui are treated with special piety. Studies prove that students, who study in rooms with frequently open windows, have increased learning capacity compared to those who study in classrooms with no windows or windows that are never open. Interestingly, artificial ventilation systems do not affect learning abilities either way.

There’s not much that a teacher can do about having or not having windows in their classroom; however, if the room has windows but they are never open, it would be great to start opening them for a few minutes during breaks. This simple tip offered by feng shui for the classroom can help your students achieve more in their studies henceforth.

Colors: Colors impact the brain. Some colors are soothing and relaxing (blue through violet) while others are energizing and freshening (red, orange, yellow). Some colors are neutral – green.

Colors can either clash or be in harmony with one another. Colors can alter the mood of people, as well as their ability to perceive information, learn, and memorize. Changing the wall color typically isn’t something that a teacher can do or ask to be done. However, if there’s refurbishing scheduled for your classroom, you may want to learn more about colors and their effect, and choose a new beneficial color scheme for your classroom.

Sound: Sound can help to create a relaxing atmosphere indoors, similar to how we feel in nature or how we feel listening to the sound of rain. Feng shui for the classroom suggests placing an indoor water fountain to add natural and relaxing sounds to the classroom. You can also consider using chimes and bells.

About The Author
Jakob Jelling runs which teaches the ancient art of feng shui. Please visit his website to learn more about feng shui for the classroom.

The author invites you to visit:

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This article was posted by permission.

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Post Re: How to Adjust Feng Shui for the Classroom
Feng Shui and fake plants/flowers as decoration in a house? This is kind of a 2 part question. I heard on tv that fake plants and flowers are bad fend shui in a home. Anyone know if this is true? My mom has fake plants, trees, flowers all over her house and its the house I grew up in and I never was really comfortable there. I dont really consider it my childhood "home", that title goes to house i lived in when i was even younger. Of course there could be a million reasons for why I would feel that way, feng shui might have nothing to do with it but I wonder. Anyone out there know anything about feng shui? i also had some issues as a kid/teenager that started after we moved into my moms house (age 8 and over). again-could be for any reason but could "bad" feng shui have anything to do with it? okay for all you "feng shui is crap" folks out there, I understand your position but I happen to think theres something to it so if you dont have anything constructive to add please keep your opinions to yourself. thanks to all.
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